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Voluntary organizations have a legal structure or status, being an unincorporated association, or a trust or company limited by guarantee. Technological changes are the amount Of new technology that is increasing electronic communications has made it easier to distribute information.

Another form of economic system known as Traditional Economic System is driven by price factor when it comes to resource allocation. The business entity has to give importance to cultural aspects and for that each and every employee should be provided equal importance.

BTEC HND Unit 1 Business Environment

Understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operates 2. Franchise — business owner pays a corporation to use their name, receives spec for the business Workers cooperative — all workers have equal pay, and make joint business decisions Private companies may issue stock and have shareholders.

Cheap credit and interest rates benefited the hair industry in the past.

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At European Union level, funds are made available to support regions of high unemployment and social deprivation such as large areas of Southern Italy and rural France, as well as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It is however an important factor in helping to encourage long-term stability in the economy.

Anything on Earth what is natural, or is in its natural state — Labor: In a free market economy, government intervention is kept to the minimum while supply and demand and the ability to pay influence decision Business environment hnd.

Iceland supermarket seems to follow Civil Aviation Authority where in the business entity needs to consider all aspects of civil Business environment hnd so that aspects related to transportation processes can be properly managed Gani, Understand the behaviour of organisations in their market environment.

Legal factors are the laws and governing factors in any country which affects the business strategies. The two products or services that Hair today will provide a bridal service to attract female customers where they will be pampered and receive a makeover the target market for this service is female aged with a balanced income also the other reduce I will be proposing hair is extensions this will attract the teenage customers and women.

Fiscal policy is basically used for the betterment of a society or a country or a nation, it works for the development of the economy of any state. In United Kingdom also there are several competition related policies which are used by the agencies from time to time in order to ensure a level ground for the companies.

business environment

Voluntary groups are not owned by any individual people. Other economic factors can be Global economic crisis, Inflation, currency value, etc. Social environment of business includes social factors like life expectancy rate, literacy, poverty, beliefs, values, traditions and customs.

The price prevailing in the market period is called market price which changes with the nature of the commodity many a time within a day or a week or a month. This case looks at British Trade International and its aim to help UK firms compete successfully overseas.

EU policies have immense influence on UK businesses through spending and taxation law, spending and directive, inspiring business activity through support and subsidies.

BTEC HND Unit 1 Business Environment

Fiscal policy is based on the theories of British economist John Maynard Keynes, which state that increasing or decreasing revenue taxes and expenditures spending levels influences inflation, employment and the flow of money through the economic system.

For example, public goods are priced low or zero to maximize consumption and increase social benefits. Recognize that stakeholders are real and complex people with names, faces and values.

In reality, market price is that price which is determined by the forces of demand and supply in the market at a point of time. High inflation can be damaging to the functioning of the economy. On other hand, fiscal policy is policy in which tax rates are determined, budget is prepared and investment on infrastructure is made through PPP model.

Understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate 2. The government can promote trade, encourage sales of British goods abroad exportsor discourage goods coming in from other countries imports. Social and cultural environment in Sri Lanka When considering social and cultural environment in Sri Lanka, mainly there are four religions in the country such as Buddhist Finding out what the employees expect of management and in terms of support and acting upon this will generate positive momentum.

Although in it had to reduce its workforce due to recession, but then it had no other option. Conclusion Summing up the entire research study, it can be said that since Iceland supermarket has expanded its stores across Britain and Ireland; thus according to the business scenario, there are various factors prevailing in the environment that impacts the business decisions of Iceland.

Control over price of a product by a firm and so the existence of imperfect competition can be caused either by the fewness of the firms or by the product differentiation.

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Business Environment HND / Marketing HND Introduction. The value of the HSBC brand, along with the overall company performance, speaks about a descent leadership practice, as well as a withstanding approach to the decision making process.

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Pearson Edexcel HND Business Management. The HND consists of 15 units. Course Content. 15 Units. Business and the Business Environment. Provides learners with an understanding of different organisations.

Business Environment HND / Marketing HND Introduction. The value of the HSBC brand, along with the overall company performance, speaks about a descent leadership practice, as well as a withstanding approach to the decision making process. “Business environment encompasses all those factors that affect a company's operations; including customers, competitors, suppliers, distributors, industry trends.

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