14 life lessons from ramayana

Rama, whose love for Sita was unfathomable, took the most painful decision of relinquishing her, just because he had to maintain a very high order of personal probity as the ruler of Ayodhya.

Persons in a leadership role are not always entitled to the luxury of doctrinaire posturing at the cost of pragmatic decision-making, especially when the imperative of welfare of the very people whose trust vests the powers in the leader dictates otherwise.

Other Ramayana-derived stories in Japan including Kifune no honji, Onzoshi shimawatari and Bukkigun, have also demonstrated a deep convergence between the characters of Rama and Ravana. Yet his humility was unsurpassed.

It paved the way for her getting separated from him and she got forcibly abducted by Ravana, the demon. The great feats he did in the service of Rama subsequently were unparalleled and the humility he displayed despite his greatness was unfathomable.

Lessons from Ramayana are as relevant as the cornerstones of our modern republic as they were at the time of the Ramayana. Honesty in relationship is most important for survival of any relation, Sitaji had so much of love, respect and devotion towards her better half, such that riches, supremacy and fancies of life which she could get from Ravana did not entice her even a bit.

But still, he agreed to part with Rama, to honor his promise. The great feats he did in the service of Rama subsequently were unparalleled and the humility he displayed despite his greatness was unfathomable.

14 Life Lessons from Ramayana Essay Sample

Many of the comments below allude to the mismatch between the conduct of contemporary society and the much-vaunted value-system of the Ramayana it claims to follow.

Many national epics of Southeast Asia were derived from the Ramayana. Emphasising that India had strong civilisational links with all ASEAN countries, he said performances based on the Ramayana would reflect cultural links between the country and the region.

With multiple versions in India itself, there are about variants of the Ramayana. Ramayana contains the highest ideals of Hindu culture and civilization. For any kind of leader, a corporate or a Head of State, assuming the consent of the team before briefing them of risks amounts to a breach of trust and abuse of power.

Similarly, when he is befriended, loved and worshipped by the vanar sena in the jungles led by Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama readily accepts their support and love. Some perennial ethical challenges are indeed presented in such epics but only in archaic caricature, and as for the unprecedented ethical challenges peculiar to us, those were understandably inconceivable to the writers of the epics.

But true to his greatness, Rama, with utter detachment and without even a trace of disappointment reflecting on his face, conceded to both the demands. Finally Sitawas forced to prove her chastity by the test of fire by Rama only because of her intemperate and terrible accusation against the saintly and devout Lakshmana.

Lakshmana, shell shocked by hearing such an abominable accusation, had to leave immediately, leaving her alone. Later in time, when his third wife Kaikeyi wanted the throne of Ayodhya for her own son Bharata and wanted Rama to be sent in exile to the forest, it was nothing short of a deathly blow to Dasarata.

Rama, whose love for Sita was unfathomable, took the most painful decision of relinquishing her, just because he had to maintain a very high order of personal probity as the ruler of Ayodhya. Hanuman was physically very powerful, was a great diplomat, was very erudite in spoken words and was full of wisdom.

Important life lessons we can learn from Ramayana

The traditional marital setting where one spouse lives in a state of financial dependence on the other for their every need, is anachronistic in contemporary societies, where every individual should be entitled to pursue their aspirations as professionals, consumers and citizens in a personal capacity irrespective of their marital status.

Laxman is the Quintessence of selfless love he had towards his Ram bhaiya, such was his love towards ram bhaiya that he accompanied him during his exile also, leaving all luxuries of life just out of love he had towards his elder brother.

It is her incessant pestering to acquire the deer to be her play-mate that forced Rama to go behind it. Ravana utilized this opportunity to abduct her. Despite reservations from Sugriva and others, Rama accepted Vibhishana into his fold.

Sita did it and came out unscathed. In a stark contrast to his father, Rama remained wedded and staunchly loyal to his only wife Sita.

When the furious Ravana showed the doors to his brother, Vibhishana came and surrendered to Rama. In Japan With the spread of Buddhism in Japan it came to be known as Ramaenna or Ramaensho, in which the character of Hanuman was ignored.

14 Life Lessons from Ramayana Essay Sample

Rama, who could have easily killed Ravana at that moment, in one of the greatest acts of graciousness, asked Ravana to retire for the day and return to the war field the next day, fully re-armed, as it was against dharma to kill an un-armed person.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In this version, Rama is a follower of non-violence.14 Life Lessons from Ramayana Essay Sample (1) Relationship between Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha Human life is consumed in chasing materialism (Artha) and sense pleasures (Kama).

What lessons does Ramayana teach us? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 26 Answers. He willingly chose to spend 14 years in exile in a forest to protect his father’s much respected honour.

Beyond the Shadow of ‘Role Models’ and Rogue Mannequins – Lessons from the Ramayana revisited

Such was the regard he paid to his father. Originally Answered: What are the life lessons from Ramayana? Ego must go.

Ravan lost it all because of his ego. Dec 04,  · Lessons from Ramayana Class by HG Gouranga Prabhu - Duration: Life Lessons from Ramayana BHEESHMA'S LAST 14 SECRET TEACHINGS.

Lessons from Ramayana – Righteousness and Tolerance

There are many life lessons for us to emulate from Ramayana, the epic that illustrates the life of Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and an avatar of Vishnu. I have listed few critical life lessons that can be practiced,in our daily life. Jan 16,  · Top 10 Life Lessons from the Ramayana epic The great Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata are among the most revered works not only in Hinduism, but also.

Ramayana : Life Lessons from the Hindu Epic for ASEAN Nations

Here is taking you through 10 profound lessons from Ramayana that you could implement in life and start your journey towards bettering yourself as an individual.

14 life lessons from ramayana
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